GenieCashBox API v1.2


1. Genie Number / Genie Account is required.
When a merchant signs up they receive a Genie Number. The Genie Number is a toll-free number if merchant is located in the United States. For non US Merchants it is in the form of 999-XXX-XXXX. The Genie Number is also a GenieCashBox and GenieGateway.

The Genie Number is added to for the GenieGateway. For example,

The Merchant's customers have a GenieChecking account in the form of 999-XXX-XXXX.

Please contact the merchant or call GenieCashBox 213-825-0150, press 1, or to find out the merchant's Genie Number.

2. Gateway must be approved
When the merchant first signs up the gateway is disabled. The merchant must complete the application process by providing appropriate documentation for approval. Until this is done the gateway is disabled. Please contact the merchant or call GenieCashBox 213-825-0150, press 3, or to find out the merchant's status.

3. Contact TechSupport
For questions regarding the API countact tech support at or call 213-825-0150, press 4.

Pay Online (POL)

POL is designed to be called by a shopping cart website where variables are passed to the gateway and are displayed to the customer.
Integration requires access to a server and knowledge of programming languages PHP, javascript, java, etc. Variables need to be set dynamically in html.


XML service is designed for developers using a html scripting or computer based program.

Signup - Create a Genie Number or GenieChecking Account. Provide initial load from funding account or credit card. Credit card requires approval.
Order GenieCard - Order GenieCard and Genie Number created.
Pay - Pay Genie Credits from one GenieCashBox to another GenieCashBox. Can be set as a loan (PayBack).
Check PayBack - Check status for PayBack (loan).
Load - Load GenieCashBox with deposit ticket or credit card. Load with credit card requires approval.
Check Load - Check status of deposit ticket.
Send Check - Debit GenieCashBox and send GenieCheck to E-Mail address.
Cancel Check - Cancel a pending check.
Check Check - Check status of a check.
Request Check22- Request a Check22 from a Genie Account. Request is sent to the Account's E-Mail address and cellphone on file.
Request Payment- Request Payment from a Genie Account. Request is sent to the Account's E-Mail address and cellphone on file.
Set Payment Options- Set Payment Options of a Genie Account.
Send Text Message- Send Text Message to a Genie Account or PhoneBook.
Account Status - Check the status of a Genie Number or GenieCheckingAccount.

Notification Services: Certain events can trigger a notification to your server.
Check Status Change - Notify when a check is paid or canceled.
Deposit Ticket Status Change - Notify when a Deposit Ticket is funded.
PayBack Status Change - Notify when a PayBack is paid or insufficient funds.
Request Check22 Notification - Notify results of Check22 Request.
Request Payment Notification - Notify results of Payment Request.
Commission Notification - Notify when a Commission payment is generated from a Genie Number.


For security and legal reasons we do not provide access to any customer information or account activity.

We provide a "White Label" website which is generic and designed to fit within an HTML iframe. A customer can access all their information and modify it at this site. They can check their balance, write checks, change customer information, get reports, load their cashbox, etc.

The link is:

To see how it works in a sample iframe login with your genie number at the following link: Sample HTML iframe website

Integration with XML consists of the following basic steps:
  • Signup XML service. A genie number is returned for future reference.
  • Pay XML service. Transfer funds from your genie number to any other genie number. Set as a loan or PayBack.
  • Load XML service. Load any genie number by Deposit Ticket which will be e-mailed or charge Credit Card.
  • Send Check XML service. Send a check from your genie number to any E-Mail address.
  • Create a link from your website to the White Label website for customer account management.